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When we move into a new apartment, we would never know how many copies of the particular house door key must be circulating around the city. Hence, it is always safer to stay protected and as they say ‘prevention is always better than cure’. You may have been thinking about getting your locks replaced in order to render the old keys useless. But when we come to think about it, locks replacement surely costs a lot! Why not go for something economical, but at the same would offer the exact same results as lock replacement? Yes, you got it right! Re-key locks experts at Metro Master Locksmith always suggest to rekey the locks rather than replace them for better security and to save the dollars.

How is rekeying locks achieved?

Once you call Metro Master Locksmith for rekey services, we would dispatch a team to arrive at your place. As soon as they arrive, they would begin analyzing the locks and if they are found to be in a good condition, they would remove the old tumblers and pins to replace with new ones. It may not appear to be new externally; however, the entirety of the internal components will be renewed. Hence, the old keys would be rendered useless. 

Benefits of rekeying locks:Metro Master Locksmith Brookfield, WI 414-209-4640

  • Affordable 
  • Better security 
  • Old keys would be rendered useless 
  • Relish the sense of new security 
  • Locks can be rekeyed to accommodate master key system 
  • Old locks function as good as new ones 

DIY rekeying VS hiring an expert

With the help of online videos, anything and everything seems to be possible. The DIY solutions to rekey the locks have been attempted several times by our clients, but sadly, they have failed to achieve the desired result. A few locks are even sold claiming that they could be rekeyed by the user, but don’t fall for such traps! This is the house door locks that we are talking about, and they must be secured in the best manner. Hence it is always wiser to trust re-key locks expert to perform the rekeying services. 

24/7 locks rekeying service

Too often, we hear from our clients that they need to get their locks rekeyed after a break-in or after evicting the old tenant. Both of these situations call for immediate attention and time and distance can’t be a barrier against it. Hence, we offer 24/7 services to our clients, and respond immediately when they need our re-key locks services. 

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