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Our tenants are the caretakers of our homes. But what happens when the tenant fails to hold up his responsibility? Not a pleasing situation, is it? You may have a number of reasons to evict your tenant, perhaps a few problems with rent, or their reluctance towards obeying the policies and rules of the apartment. Whatever it maybe, evicting a tenant maybe a sour and strenuous experience. Most of the evicted tenants tend to be vindictive and would do everything in their power to regain access to the apartment, and that is where Metro Master Locksmith comes to assist you. 

Once the tenant is out of the apartment, it is highly important for you to render the old keys useless. This is why we provide eviction locksmith services by which we would either offer rekeying or locks replacement services.  

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At Metro Master Locksmith, we strictly adhere by the law. Just because you have a disagreement with a tenant, you cannot refuse entry to them. You need to ensure that the law is on your side and have an appropriate court order to evict the tenant. Once you have got all the paperwork done, you can give us a call and we will arrive at your place to provide our eviction locksmith services and render the old keys unworkable.

Get your locks rekeyed

When you call our experts to perform eviction locksmith services, they would first asses the locks. If the former tenant has damaged the locks severely, then the only option is to get the locks replaced. On the other hand if the locks are relatively new and are not damaged, we would simply rekey the locks. Rekeying is an economical solution to achieve the same results as locks replacement. Hence either ways, the keys held by your old tenant will be rendered useless. 

Enhance your security after an eviction

Once our clients evict the tenant, some of them tend to be highly concerned about the security. Hence, they avail our complete security overhaul services. Former tenants may have stayed at your place for a long term, and hence know each and every security loophole present in the house. This is why you need to ensure all these tiny loopholes are fixed in the finest manner after eviction. 

We know how stressful eviction has been for you, don’t stress any further. Count on us to provide better security after eviction. Avail our eviction locksmith services today by calling Metro Master Locksmith at 414-209-4640.